Monday, July 18, 2011

What do people actually care about?

I was sitting around Googling Justin Bieber (as usual) when I stumbled across this great write up about an amazing start-up call Rally (

Quoted from
"There’s an old maxim in fundraising: It’s better to get one dollar from 100 supporters than it is to get $100 from one supporter. Or, you can just get Justin Beiber to tweet about you."

In the article written by All Things Digital's Drake Martinet, they describe how CEO Tom Seres was able to take a white label fundraising platform that was intended to be the backbone for online fundraising initiatives, and convert it into a low friction, highly functional, way for each individual user to "rally" behind any cause they want, and allows them to do so very quickly and effectively. Tom goes on to talk about how this provides people with a quick and easy way to create a streamlined web presence and help raise money for the causes that they actually care about.

Here is a video of Tom Seres demoing his product and communicating his vision for his online fundraising revolution.

You know a good idea when you wish it was yours!

Link to the Article.

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