Tuesday, July 5, 2011


As we start to go beyond business plans and analytics we are faced with the important challenge of finding the right people to help us achieve our goal. Do we hire a headhunter and tell them to only bring us the best of the best? If we go that route, do we run the risk of drying up the coffers before we are even ready to launch? Or do we take an ad out in Craigslist and sift through countless emails of people "axing" us questions or showing up to interviews in their spiffy Jordans? Do we offer commission only, stock options, hourly wages or salaries? Surely that is enough to drive the even most sane person stark raving mad.

One school of thought is to be the best you need to hire the best. Though I don't necessarily disagree with that school of thought it hasn't exactly gotten Lebron James a ring yet. Maybe Mark Cuban knew something we didn't when he decided to not trade for Kobe Bryant 4 years ago.

I think one of the keys to success is chemistry. Find people who are talented, and have a contagious work ethic. With the proper leadership, and enough raw talent we can take most average employees and help them thrive in a culture of success. We may not all have ginormous payrolls or be willing to give up an arm and a leg to land a fortune 100 executive, but we all have access to social media platforms, and networking. Leverage tools like Linkedin and your own personal networks to find people who have proven track records.

No matter what direction you choose. Know this, the success of your business begins and ends with you. If you don't take the time to train employees, develop a culture, mentor and coach your team, don't be upset when the star employee you hired jumps ship.

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